Orion: Field Standard

The prototype Field Standard

I rushed back to my small house, the tracking had shown the package had arrived. I ran to the mailbox and grabbed the small parcel that contained new dials and hands. I jumped back into my car and headed back to school. Class was now over but I all my tools were at my school bench-I don't really have the space to setup for watchmaking at my new house, plus I am able to use the school's equipment and space once class is finished.

I opened the package as quickly as I could, and laid out the parts on my bench, I couldn't help but smile as the wave cut indices and mountain cut hands glistened back at me. A couple people watched as I began the process of putting them all together.

Field Standard assembly. Photo: A. Diaz

Field Standard assembly. Photo: A. Diaz

Working with watch parts is something you should never rush-in this line of work the saying "haste makes waste" is pretty much on the mark; but I'll be honest, I assembled the prototype as quickly as I could. The results were better than I could have hoped for, it's been a lot of work moving here and starting school, though the rewarding bits are starting to add up and this was definitely one of them.

The Field Standard is a field watch, that much should be obvious. I thought I'd dress up the almost repetitively subdued watch style. The slightly angled and highly polished hour and minute hand work with the polished and wave cut indices as well as the polished bezel. The white seconds hand ties in perfectly with the white text on the dial and the white stitching of the black strap. Then there's the C3 lume on all the numerals and the hands, this thing glows.

I also Field Standard-ized my personal engraved case.

I'm really excited to work towards production of the Field Standard, I have a really cool engraved pattern idea for it as well as potential media blasted limited editions. Also, for the Orion: 1, you should keep your eyes peeled and your clicker fingers ready, because there's going to be a limited edition black cerakote run dropping soon.