Prototypes soon.

Calamity prototypes should arrive in a couple weeks!

Most likely a darker shade of blue will be selected.

Most likely a darker shade of blue will be selected.

This month the prototypes for the Calamity should arrive. While they will be largely the same as renders there will be a couple small changes, like to the indice design and drilled lugs (drilled lugs make the thin case too weak!).

Lets review some specs though as manufacturing draws closer.

  • 39.5mm case diameter (not including crown)
  • 20mm lug width
  • 48mm lug to lug
  • Case thickness 10mm to 11mm, remember the curved caseback. This included the crystal thickness.
  • ETA2892
  • Ceramic bezel insert.
  • Stock bracelet.
  • Limited quantity (300-500 pieces)

Once the prototypes are in hand I'll be able to make more informed decisions on final revisions and pre-order date. With any luck we'll be able to begin pre-order this fall and have them on your wrists in the spring or early summer. Current estimates place retail around $1,500 with pre-order backers receiving a discount.


I'm excited to develop and release a slim profile, reasonably sized, and unique dive watch. The Orion aesthetic and technical specs, I believe, really sets it apart from the much more commonly designed chunky and large divers.