Calamity and the future of Orion

Calamity and Orion

Four years ago I discovered my passion for horology on a whim, thinking I could simply repair an heirloom Omega Constellation. A year and a half ago I began formal schooling at Watch Technology Institute in Seattle - this August I'll graduate with 9 other people, then, it's on to the next phase of Orion.

What is the next phase? I've mentioned that I want to bring more horological manufacturing back to America. My end goal is to be able to completely manufacture all components of the watch here in the USA. Made in America, 100%. That's easier said than done.

Upon graduating I want to jump right in. I want to find a barn (or maybe I'd settle for a church) and convert it into a watchmaking facility. I'd also begin assembling my team. With the new Orion 'Barn' we'd start modifying and manufacturing individuals parts or parts for movements. This would impart the technical skills and knowledge needed to move forward. Piece by piece, we'd add more manufacturing equipment. As our skills and assortment of tools grow, so will our production capabilities.

So the Calamity. It's a heavy hitter and a serious watch in terms of design and components. Just as the Orion:1 and Field Standard have and continue to fund my tenure and life at the Watch Tech Institute, the Calamity will be the first step into life beyond school. Profits will go towards funding the Orion: Barn, horological equipment, and the salaries of my team.

Whether or not you believe in my goals or visions, you have my word that I will continue to push forward, find those boundaries, and break them. It is with the continued support of all of you, that this is possible. Here's to the Calamity, the future, and you, my support.