Handmade Cork Straps

1955 Omega Constellation on a handmade cork strap.

1955 Omega Constellation on a handmade cork strap.

I'll be carrying a limited number (initially) of handmade cork straps, they should be complete in a couple weeks. Depending on their popularity I'll continue to have runs made (potentially in different stitch colorways and cork shades). 

Aside from looking great, cork is very supple and soft, these are some of the most comfortable and form fitting straps out there. They're very breathable and lightweight, which make them a great summer strap in terms of combating heat and heavy sweaty leather straps.

The first run will be 3 pieces, two of them will be 20mm tapering to 18mm at the buckle and one of them will be 18mm tapering to 16mm. It's a wonderful material for a strap, and if this is a success then more exciting cork straps will be on the way!

Keep your eyes peeled.